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The Big Read: As pandemic drinking hits globally, some Sporeans turn to alcohol to cope with Covid-19 boredom, stress

Together, you can come up with a plan to get through it. Instead of going to your usual restaurant for dinner and drinks, why not try a new place that doesn’t serve alcohol? You’ll get to experience something out of the ordinary without feeling tempted to drink.

Many people use alcoholic beverages to enhance experiences. Drinking at concerts, sporting events, and dinner can, as one casual drinker put it, transform a situation into a moment.

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Join Kelly McGonigal for a free video from Sounds True and initiate the transformation you need most. Having strategies planned ahead of times can help your child better handle peer pressure and resist the need to drink. No matter how tall or mature your teen seems, they need boundaries, discipline, and structure as much as ever. While your rules won’t be the same or as rigid as when they were younger, having no boundaries can be confusing and overwhelming for a teen. While you can expect a teen to test any boundaries, be clear on what is and isn’t acceptable behavior and what the consequences are for breaking your rules. It’s normal for parents to worry about their children using alcohol.

So while it may not be safe to go out and drink right now, stocking up on alcohol at home likely isn’t a good idea either. Take control of the aspects of your life that you have some influence over and watch the world change around you.

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But by the middle of the second lockdown in November, when it was dark all the time, and the festive period loomed, I was drinking more habitually than ever, reflexively pouring drinking because of boredom one out as I finished work most evenings. She couldn’t imagine her life without wine at that time, but now she acknowledges that drinking made her tired and impatient.

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The problem is that overindulgence or even regular drinking is known to cause a number of health issues. Alcohol is one of the leading causes of preventable death in the United States.

Expert tips on how to save your sleep from holiday stress and indulgence

Binge drinking was studied as an attempt to cope with the boredom experience of adolescents who seek additional stimulation. Although you’ve noticed your friends aren’t drinking as much, you aren’t the only one to increase your alcohol intake during the pandemic. Many people are using alcohol to cope with the stress of everyday life right now. But turning to alcohol to cope also means many people are at an increased risk of health problems, substance use disorders, relationship trouble, and mental health problems. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol use, we can help. Footprints to Recovery offers alcohol addiction treatment that’s evidence-based and personalized to your clinical needs, preferences, and life situation.

Why do I want to drink when Im lonely?

It's possible to feel lonely, even if you're surrounded by dozens of family members or friends. If you're feeling out of place or struggling with trauma or depression, alcohol can help numb emotions and take away your pain temporarily. In the long run though, alcohol only makes these struggles worse.

Acknowledge that everyone struggles sometimes, but alcohol is not a useful or healthy way to cope with problems. Underage Drinking – Articles providing tips on preventing underage drinking, talking to your child, and recognizing problems.

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