57 Virtual Team Building Activities For Remote Teams In 2022

The event includes 90 minutes of mini games and challenges that are designed to delight, bond, and sometimes tear apart your people. The entire experience is run by a professionally trained host to make sure everyone is participating and having fun. Team building is an important aspect of creating positive culture and cohesion in the work environment. Leaders that invest in their team and see their peers as assets can build rapport and generate better performance.

virtual team building activities

With virtual events already on the calendar, you don’t have to worry about time-zones, who may or may not attend and what everyone is interested in. Our activities and challenges are designed to promote teamwork, collaboration and friendly competition. Each activity is a 60 minute session, and we can conduct activities on any platform. Options include Zoom, Google Meet, Webex and Microsoft Teams. Match your employees up in pairs and give them time and budget to send snail mail to each other.

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Personality quizzes and results offer a way to learn more about your coworkers’ working styles, dreams, goals, and preferences. Remote workers run the risk of feeling isolated and left out of important decision-making conversations. Team, and encourages focus on actions that can charge the depleted trust batteries. Great teams make it a habit to reflect on projects, group processes and how they work together as a team.

virtual team building activities

The only rule is it has to be theirs; no borrowing from the neighbor. To get started, have your employees suggest and then vote using a TINYpulse flexible survey on a charity for your team to support. You could change this up monthly or keep the same charity year-round, depending on how close your votes were.

What Team Effectiveness Model Will Make A Team Perform Better?

These virtual activities include free and paid options, and can take anywhere from 1 minute to several hours. I recommend following The 8% Rule, which states that you should spend about 8% of the time on any team call doing games and exercises together. Virtual retirement parties or “farewell parties” are online gatherings for the purpose of sending off a teammate. These parties generally occur during work hours, and include fun virtual team building activities and games.

However, if you are dealing with a large group, then you may create a remix. Finally, play the songs in intervals spread throughout the meeting. In the board game, players solve the mystery of who murdered Mr. Body by guessing the suspect, weapon, and room cards not in anyone’s hand. One of our favorite online games, Clue has employees email guesses to coworkers and coworkers will respond in kind. “I suspect it was Mr. Green in the library with the candlestick.” “It wasn’t the candlestick.” The first one to message the manager with the correct accusation of murder wins. This game can be played over the course of a video call or a workweek.

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If your employees need to stagger their lunches, try to rotate the time you meet so everyone has an opportunity to participate. To make it more interesting and help employees bond more, you could create a more challenging scavenger hunt and have employees team up to complete it. Many of your employees may have already been informally introduced to a pet or child via a Zoom cameo. A photo stream is a great way to use that experience to form deeper connections. You can meet afterward to discuss what was surprising, key messages, and more. To make it even more fun, you could ask your employees to dress up as a character from the movie and share why they choose that character.

Vote on a book to read and discuss what you thought of it over video chat. You can set a gift price limit and assign each team member a person to send a gift to. This can be arranged during the holidays or just for good fun.

virtual team building activities

This activity breaks the ice and is a great opportunity to get to know one another. Every week change who the “question master” is and be sure every week the questions are different. Anyone who can’t think of an answer has to share an interesting fact about themselves. Tell everyone to put it on a shared doc, be sure to make everyone invisible so no one can see who wrote what. One of the statements is about a professional goal or something they want to work on and the second is a fun fact about themselves. Split your team up into groups, have them come up with a business pitch that includes the logo and the product.

Make group meditations, a routine activity in your workplace. Get all your employees together and have meditation sessions during a fixed time everyday. If you want to conduct a one-time guided session, you can send care packages to your employees with scented candles, a calming Spotify playlist and some herbal tea beforehand. You can hire a professional or do it using a YouTube video over a video call. Create a chat channel on Slack or Teams just for sharing images, memes, GIFs or stories about your pets. This channel is really simple and takes very little effort, but the team building and conversations are big in terms of engagement and fun.

Have everyone participating explain why that particular song is their favorite and you can even discuss who their favorite artist is. Everyone submits their favorite song to the designated team lead. Team members should create ways to communicate instantly whilst completing the challenge. Have everyone come up with the best image to describe that theme. You can have this theme go throughout the week and whoever comes up with the most images wins. The winner can come up with the next week’s theme and get to pick the winner.

This virtual team-building activity can help remote teams work better on work projects. Group project aims to get them used to working together on fun and work-related projects. The imaginary ball is one of the best virtual team-building challenges for remote teams.

Q: What Can I Do To Spice Up My Next Virtual Meeting?

Group all the ideas into topics, such as goals, achievables, office needs, etc. Set a date to work on the craft project and encourage everyone to dress festively and listen to holiday music. Prepare a list of random questions and get your team members to ask each other. Everyone anonymously posts a picture of what’s inside their fridge in a shared doc. Share your superheroes with each other, and this activity also acts as a great icebreaker question. Encourage engagement by allowing your team to comment or ask questions.

Post this question in a Slack channel or whichever other forms of communication you use. It is the perfect collaboration tool to use in real-time and accomplish your company’s goals. Our favorite collaboration tool and what our team uses is Notion.

Workout challenges encourage employees not to neglect physical health while working. Pick a photo sharing platform such as the cloud, social media, or image-hosting sites like Imgur or Photobucket. Send employees a treat in the mail days before the event, or give each person a stipend to buy a goody like a cupcake.

  • You can upload to puzzle maker a themed picture like a screenshot of your company website or a photo of your team, then solve the puzzle together.
  • If the members cannot agree on the dress code, then voting will help finalize the decision.
  • This dress code activity allows team members to change the usual outfits to something fun.
  • Photos from around 2 – 3 years old are best because you will see more distinct features and not just a 6 month bundle of joy.
  • Not all team building activities need to be serious or skill-oriented; sometimes, you just need a good laugh to release the stress.
  • You can announce an open mic challenge at the beginning of the meeting or organize one at a tense point in the meeting to lighten up the atmosphere.

Studies have recently suggested that in virtual teams specifically, it is crucial to building trust right at the beginning. Not everyone is a speller or likes spelling challenges but it is always a fun https://globalcloudteam.com/ competition to do with a group of people. It is an awesome way to involve your whole company and can make this activity a quarterly event. Why not, have a fantasy football league with your teammates?

Alfa, Tango, Foxtrot, is more than just a fun phrase that makes you feel more like a fighter pilot. It’s also representative of three code words of the NATO alphabet, and inspiration for one of the best remote team challenges you can do. One person starts as the host, and reads off a single prompt. The other players then anonymously submit answers to the host, which you can do via private message. The host reads the answers out loud, and then you go in a circle giving each person a chance to guess who said what.

Make The Experiences More Personalised

Using icebreakers in these low-stress situations can help increase connections between members. Doing an icebreaker at the beginning of your virtual meeting not only helps your employees establish rapport, it can also increase interaction. When your employees take part in a virtual icebreaker, they will feel more comfortable and willing to speak up.

You could use anything from Justin Bieber to “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Just make sure it’s catchy then give your employees a collaborative document to add and revise lyrics. The first step to creating your own team song is deciding on a beat. Get your employees together virtually to select which popular beat they want to use.

Despite productivity however I could not help but wonder what effect this will have on employees general well being in the long run. It is encouraging to see evidence that both spaces can compliment one another when handled well. QuizBreaker is a virtual icebreaker game that helps remote teams connect & engage in a fun way. In each round, players have to guess ‘Who Said What’ – a simple way for your online team to bond over things they have in common. You can schedule virtual icebreaker quizzes to go out via email multiple times per week and track winners via a gamified leaderboard.

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Finally, the game master announces the sun is rising and reveals whether a villager became wolf-grub during the night. To start the game, players draw roles of werewolf, villager, medic or seer. Werewolves do the eating, villagers vote werewolves off the island, medics can save a player and seers can peer deep into another player’s team building soul to reveal their wolf-status. As the sole Canadian, I challenged my colleagues to a “name the 50 states” competition. I lost, but for 30 minutes my small team was deeply engaged as we struggled to remember Nebraska and Wyoming. Have everyone expense dinner from their favorite local spot and share a bite to eat virtually.

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